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Hope everyone’s ready for more photos of my summer jaunt down to Virginia for the 2015 National ALHFAM Conference. Of course, most of them have absolutely nothing to do with historic food or cooking. Then again, I haven’t done much in that arena this summer. Made a batch of raspberry ice cream in July, and I’ll be at the Battle of Brooklyn later this month (August 30). Other than that, it’s been a rather slow summer, historic cooking-wise. Come the fall, however, there’ll be plenty of hearth cooking again at The Israel Crane House. I’m eager to return! HUZZAH!

Back to those photos.

First up are a few that wrap up my time at the Yorktown encampment and it’s accompanying Battlefield.

Officer’s tent: IMG_4383 Another for supplies: IMG_4406 IMG_4404 A young soldier demonstrates the workings of a cannon: IMG_4390 And again, the camp kitchen. I just love this! HUZZAH! IMG_4424 Yorktown Battlefield. Yep, it’s just that. A big empty field! IMG_4440 IMG_4437 Early on, I took advantage of a pre-conference field trip that included touring the ruins of Rosewell Plantation. Once at the center of a 3000 acre plantation and home to the Page family, the main building was a three-story mansion, complete with dependencies and outbuildings. The owner’s expressed goal was that it be far grander than the Governor’s Palace at then-capital Williamsburg. Sadly, it was gutted by fire in 1916, so we’ll never really know. There’s a visitor center nearby, where a few old photos, recreated models, and the like, give some idea of its former grandeur, but…alas….

In any event, here’s what Rosewell most likely looked like during the 18th century:
Image (37) and here’s what it looks like now: IMG_4343 IMG_4323 IMG_4326 IMG_4331 IMG_4333 IMG_4336 And a few shots from my wanderings ’round Colonial Williamsburg: IMG_4812 IMG_4835 IMG_4823 IMG_4846 IMG_4816 IMG_4873 IMG_4839 IMG_4827 IMG_4878 IMG_4883


Note: The first image of Rosewell (the pen and ink drawing) is from the site’s brochure.


NEXT: The last (hopefully!) batch of summer trip photos (unless something better comes along! LOL)

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