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Sadly, I read today of the passing of Clarissa Dickson Wright,
who had been the remaining member of those lovely ‘n jovial
cooks from the BBC television series “Two Fat Ladies.” Her
co-hort, Jennifer Paterson, passed away back in 1999, the
same year the series ended. Clarissa died in Edinburgh,
Scotland, on March 15.

I only saw a few of the “Ladies” shows, but about four
years* ago, I found a delightful video series on youtube
featuring Clarissa. It dealt with a fascinating manuscript
cookbook** from the time of King Richard II. The receipts,
written in scroll form, had been compiled by the King’s
Master Cooks. Clarissa prepared several of the dishes
and then shared them with noted British medieval food
experts. Their comments, alone, about the meal are
priceless! Bland English food? HA! And so, another
myth is debunked. HUZZAH!

And so, in honor of Clarissa, here again is the video series.
There are three parts, so be sure to watch them all. You
won’t regret it! It’s quite fun to watch.


* I first posted all three videos separately in July 2010

** published as The Forme of Cury




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Our menu for the most recent hearth cooking class* at The Israel Crane House included “Beef-stake Pie,” “Eggs and Onions, commonly called the Onion Dish,” “Sweet Potato Balls,” “Mrs Perrot’s Heart or Pound Cake,” and a simple beverage of “Chocolate.” We had a great group of folks participating, and it was a beehive of constant activity as everyone busily worked on one dish and/or another. Clearly, all had a marvelous time! HUZZAH! Of course, as usual, I was only able to snag one or two pictures. Luckily, however, several people came with cameras in hand, resulting in some really lovely photos. And so, with her permission, I share those taken by Andrea Swenson. CLICK HERE to see them. Several are simply stunning! HUZZAH!


* This, the second class of 2014, was held Sunday, March 2.

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