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Eeegad! It’s now been almost two weeks since I last posted
anything here. I am sorry. Life gets in the way, sometimes.
However, I haven’t just been lazyin’ around! I’ve been busy
with assorted hearth cookery tasks. You see, I have not one,
but TWO, cooking gigs this week. One was yesterday (9/22),
as it was Homeschool Day at the Israel Crane House. Then
this coming Saturday (or possibly Sunday, due to the current
steady rain that may last til then), is the annual Apple Festival
at Brooklyn’s Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum. For both I’ve been
doing the usual buying of supplies, the transporting of same
plus equipment, doing pre-event prep (including cooking),
and so forth. Of course, my trusty camera and I documented
much of it with photos. HUZZAH!

So, let’s get started! I think I’ll begin with yesterday’s event
at the Crane House, then I’ll go back to some of the necessary
pre-event prep work. Although, I may throw in pictures from
the Apple Fest in the middle of it all. We’ll see.

Homeschool Day was a huge success. I don’t know the exact
numbers, but based on who joined me in the Crane kitchen,
I’d say they were pretty high. We discussed the foods that
would’ve been eaten not only in general, but also during
a typical Fall. We churned butter, fried up apple fritters,
enjoyed bowls of Hasty Pudding, and more.



More to come…

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Lately there have been alot of people here in NYC commenting
about their remembrances of the events that took place on this
day ten years ago. Of course, I vividly recall that day, as well,
not so much for what took place, but for what came after. You
see, I slept through it all. Yep, I had an appointment later that
afternoon, so I’d planned to, and did, sleep in. I didn’t have
a clue as to what was going on, or had gone on, until a friend
from Indiana phoned to check on me. At first, I was puzzled;
why was she calling? And at this specific time of day? After
a few innocuous pleasantries, and then a brief pause, she
finally asked what I knew.

“Um, know about what?”
“The attacks.”
“Attacks? What attacks?”
“On the World Trade Center. The Towers have been destroyed.”
“No. What?! When? How can that…what?!?!”

I turned on the TV, to the one still-broadcasting station, and saw
again and again, that black cut-out of a plane hit the tower. And
then, all the rest. I know it sounds trite, but it did, it looked just
like some wild action movie.

So I went outside, walked a few blocks down to Flatbush Avenue
in my neighborhood, turned, and walked towards Manhattan. Oh,
it was such a glorious day! Not a cloud in the clear blue sky. The
street was empty, not a car in sight. Then, as I walked, I was met
by people going in the opposite direction. Hoards of people. I walked
all the way down to the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, where I saw
what can only be described as a sea of humanity walking across
and into Brooklyn. Just hoards. Some were barefoot and carrying
their shoes, others had towels or handkerchiefs on their heads,
most had looks of shock, confusion, and utter horror written on
their faces. I looked in the direction of the Towers, and there I
saw it, a long plume of thick black smoke. And no Towers. The
world had somehow gone insane. It was all so surreal. And it
sometimes still is.

I didn’t know anyone who was killed that day. Nor do I know
anyone who knew someone. Even so, the grief was palpable
in the days, weeks, and even months following. It was heart-
breaking, gut-wrenching, and at times, overwhelming. I just
can’t imagine.

And so, in honor of those who lost their lives on September 11
ten years ago, I re-post this heartfelt, tear-inducing commercial.

May God bless.


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The modern recipe I use to make Syllabubs is
on the website for The New York Times! HUZZAH!

It’s included here in the feature “Readers Photos
and Recipes: Essential Summer Dishes.”

And yes, it’s a “mo-dern” adaptation, but one based
on historic receipts (recipes). Of course, I had to make
some and then write it all down. Mmmm, yum! And now
it (along with a photo I took) is published for all the world
to see! HUZZAH!

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